Sustainability and the 6R model

by Greenstic on Oct 07, 2020

Fenntarthatóság és a 6R modell

Many, many of us around the world are thinking about how we can do our part to help humanity live sustainably - since you're here, we think you're one of the people doing it.

We would like to help you with this and introduce you to the 6R model, which is based on the first letter of English words and perfectly summarizes what we can do (and of course what product developers can do) to have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

It is worth getting to know this model, because as a city dweller there is often a great temptation to consume immediately: there is a mall within 5 km at most, where you can replace everything if anything is torn, broken, dropped, dirty... We only have to change a little: if we have a ready-made plan for how to make the product the least polluting, we already have a half-won case. And of course for the Earth too. :)

Why R?

The 6Rs cover: refuse, reuse, rethink or repurpose, repair, reduce and recycle – and what do they mean anything in life? Scroll down and find out!


In short: don't buy what you don't need. Of course, this does not mean that we should live on berries and water, because obviously the goal is not to make ourselves (and the people around us) miserable. However, it is important to consider: after a bad day, a piece of delicious candy may cheer you up, and in such cases, of course, our mental balance is very important. But let's think about what we have at home, and if there is something like that, then let's try to make it all the way home.


Look for products that you can reuse instead of disposable ones: rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones, soda machines with returnable cartridges instead of carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles, syrups in returnable bottles and water bottles, and textile bags instead of plastic or paper bags - of course, your existing backpack is also great for this purpose . It is important that you not only buy these, but also use them regularly, because their production is not yet environmentally friendly, so you are actually only protecting the planet if you use them a lot.

Rethink or repurpose

Let your imagination run free: look around at home to see how you could use it by giving it a new function with a small modification. Did a plate, a mug or even the mirror break? Press the pieces and shards into clay and you have already created a unique mosaic that you can display on the wall. A fork or spoon bent? No problem, keep twisting it until it becomes a bracelet. Is your favorite patterned T-shirt faded? If you sew it through a little or sew it through and pull it on the lampshade, it will create a great atmosphere in the room... Feel free to play and you will see: your imagination is limitless!


For larger and more expensive things, it's natural that we don't buy new ones, but repair them. Who would think of leaving their car on the side of the road because the windshield wipers are worn out? However, since we tend to choose the easier solution for cheaper items, it pays to be really conscious here. This is especially important for electronic products, since - and this is not a well-known fact - on average 80% of the energy used during their entire lifetime is used by mankind during their production.


Reading this, you might be thinking that you buy less of everything, which is a good idea, since in Hungary we throw 68 kg of food alone in the trash per person, and we haven't even talked about other waste.

Another important point is to buy products that are not packaged or as little as possible: according to EU data from 2016, we Hungarians produce the fourth least amount of garbage in the EU, but still 1,624 kg per person per year, most of which wrapping. Some of them are tragicomic, for example the netted garlic, the foiled snake cucumber or the individually wrapped tea filter, which is also boxed and foiled at the end.

In terms of the fifth "R", however, there is an excellent alternative that we think less of, and that is not owning things. There are many types of equipment that can be rented, from cleaning machines, through tools, to cars. What's more, for the latter, we don't even have to go to the big car rental companies, there are community car rental websites where you can borrow cars from private individuals.


This is the point where we are doing well again: it is mandatory to use selective waste collection bins in apartment buildings, although some people throw paper in the plastic bin or vice versa (in this case it is worth correcting the mistake of the unknown residents). :)

Recycling also includes recycling "at home", i.e. composting. There are many products - for example our products - that make valuable humus, so if you have the opportunity, we recommend that you use it and look for compostable, i.e. naturally recyclable, products.

We'll do it together

What the Earth needs is not a handful of perfectly environmentally conscious people who put even their own basic needs in the background, but a lot of people who take many, many small steps to change their habits and thus protect our world. Thank you for being one of them!