Throwing away food is bad for everyone

by Greenstic on Dec 18, 2020

greenstic és ételmentés

We are always looking for opportunities with whom we can collaborate for goals that (even if only a little) can make the world a better place. This is also why we are happy and proud that among our partners we can count the Food Rescuers team, who fight against food waste: restaurants, bakeries, confectioners can sell their food left over at the end of the day, otherwise waiting to be thrown away, via the telephone via app - this is what consumers know as a Munch surprise.

The members of the incredibly fast -growing Munch community , of which there are more than 7,000 in Budapest alone, can see through the application how many pieces of " Munch" are available. The selected meal is reserved and paid for via the app, and they can go get their package.

How do they work ?

The Partners of have to fill their meal packages at a discounted price , which is a great opportunity, because otherwise those meals would be thrown away, which means that they would make a loss.

We help ensure that Munch surprise packages can be given to guests in biodegradable packaging. As's exclusive collaborative partner, our degradable products are available at a discount, and the packaging materials ordered are sorted by our partners after they are used up, on a weekly basis .

What else do we do together ?

On the one hand, we also recommend to the attention of our existing partners , and on the other hand, we want their services to be available in more and more settlements in Hungary: in Győr in the fall , our sales colleagues help us by visiting the visit old places.

Join the partners of and Greenstic so that together we can save the Earth and your food! :)

And what advice does the Munch team have for avoiding Christmas food waste ?

Write a shopping list: Christmas menus can consist of up to 4-5 courses, not to mention the many cookies, sweets or even home-made eggnog. That's why it's good to prepare a shopping list in advance for the big Christmas shopping. That way, you won't buy unnecessary ingredients and believe me, shopping will be faster.

Small ingredients without packaging: Many cakes, such as bagels and griddles, require ingredients that do not necessarily require a whole package. Why buy a whole package of almonds when you need much less, or maybe just a few seeds for decoration. Packaging-free stores are not only good because you don't use plastic unnecessarily, but you can buy exactly as much as you need.

Share with others: Christmas is a celebration of sharing and love. The more you have for the bountiful feast, the less will be left. It's a plus point at family and friend gatherings if you write a list beforehand of who will bring whom. That way, there won't be 8 sticks of bagels and 10 liters of fish juice, and everyone can choose the dish in which they are Jamie Oliver and show off their kitchen fairy skills.

Feast from leftovers: After Christmas, there is almost no home without a small cookie, a bowl of fish soup or perhaps a few servings of potato salad. In such cases, be creative and cook from what is left. For example, grind the dried cookies and use them to make coconut balls instead of breadcrumbs.

Energy from leftovers: If you really have food left over from which you really can't make an edible dinner, then composting is the best possible way to turn food leftovers into valuable energy. Although an outdoor composting system is not for everyone, there are many ways to get the most out of a smaller, more limited space. There are small, portable composting machines that fit on the balcony or even on the kitchen counter.

Munch!: If you don't feel like cooking after the big Christmas rush, but you don't want to waste it either, then the best and greenest option is to munch on or the new application. With this, you not only protect your environment, but also your wallet, while you get surprise meals from your favorite places in Budapest.

We wish you pleasant preparations, happy holidays and a healthy and successful New Year!