Our partner is the Tom Yum restaurant chain

by Greenstic on Oct 07, 2020


In our blog series, we introduce you to our prominent partners, of whom we are proud of each and every one of them, and with whom we have taken up the fight against single-use plastics.

First, we talked to the team of the Tom Yum restaurant chain:

When and why did you open the restaurants?

We thought that real Thai cuisine is something everyone should try!

We were bold, we dreamed big, as we could talk about an unusual gastronomic experience that was not very available in Hungary at that time. Thus, in 2012, we were able to bring the many delicacies of Thailand under the name Kaeng Som Tom Yum, and to this day we are working steadfastly to make them aware of this diversity. We try to improve and comply so that we can strive for the best!


Who are you visiting?

In contrast to the fast-changing trends in gastronomy, our Thai chefs represent the traditional, unadulterated taste and prepare the most mouth-watering dishes in Thailand, which our guests can taste in our Tom Yum Thai Restaurants. Harmony, balance and a little fire, which characterizes this kind of diversity. We recommend it to the daring, the less daring, the youngest, the oldest, athletes, artists, connoisseurs, i.e. everyone!

What makes you special?

We try to follow the latest trends in gastronomy, in addition to preserving the original, unadulterated flavors of the food. Our chefs come from different parts of Thailand, and in our restaurants we also strive to be able to represent the real Thai feeling of life. Thanks to this, our restaurant is certified Thai Select Premium, which means a traditional award delegated by the Thai government.

In addition, we strive for environmentally friendly solutions in all areas of our activities, our dishes are also available without ingredients containing meat/animal derivatives! Furthermore, we prepare all our dishes fresh without additives or preservatives.


Why is it important to you not to use plastic?

We also wanted to join the now multimillion-strong international following, which banishes both single-use plastic and PET bottles. It has become a matter of our hearts and we try to be active participants in this sustainable movement, as we know the destructive dangers of these plastics. We hope that those who may not know him can notice him through us. We strive to be able to leave it completely, but if this is not possible yet, we strive for alternative solutions. We have replaced our plastic straws with biodegradable ones, we work with recycled set paper, and in the case of takeaway orders, we put our food in environmentally friendly plates and bags, and for our drinks, we work with returnable bottles in most of our units. We believe that even these small steps can help a lot.

How did the guests receive it?

They were very open and they were the ones who confirmed even more that we should move in this direction! It's a super cycle, as they motivate us and we motivate them. We have a common goal: a livable, clean, sustainable planet.

Have you changed your pricing because of this? If so, how was it received?

We haven't changed our prices and we don't want to! We would like to encourage our guests, partners, colleagues and those who have not yet joined or were silent observers of this activity. And the goal is not to discourage our Guests due to higher prices that may arise.

Have you heard about the legal change regarding plastics from next July 1?

Yes, we have also heard about it, and we are very happy that single-use plastics are banned in Hungary as well. We are ready for change!

Do you have any advice for those who haven't made the switch but are about to?

Who said you can't change the world?

We definitely believe that even simple and small steps can help a lot, and it's never too late to join this super movement! Don't be afraid and boldly open up to new things, the essence lies in the act!

We love working with the Tom Yum team, visit them and experience the real Thai life!