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Payment and delivery

Domestic delivery terms:

We try to solve the delivery free of charge when it is possible. We calculate it individually, by agreement. After placing your order, we will contact you and make an offer.

We currently ship free of charge to:

Győr and its surroundings 10 km away,

Komárom - Esztergom County,


Gyömrő and its surroundings 10 km away,

Szolnok and its 10 km surroundings 10 km away.

We deliver to other areas under the following conditions:

We deliver to other areas under the following conditions:
Between 0 HUF and 15.000 HUF - 2.540 HUF
Between 15.000 Ft and 30.000 HUF - 4.432 HUF
Between 30.000 Ft and 45.000 HUF - 5.702 HUF
Above 45.000 Ft - 6337 HUF.

When making a purchase, be sure to enter your coupon code, so we can also apply the discount to the shipping fee.  The packages will be delivered on working days between 8 am and 5 pm, if you are not at home during these periods, it is advisable to provide a business address (if you have any) as your delivery address.

If you do not stay at the specified address at the time of the, the courier will try to deliver the package again the next day.

In case of non-received packages, we will only post your next order after a pre-payment!

IMPORTANT! Please inspect the package before delivered by the courier! If you notice any damages on the package, ask for a report and do not take over the package!

The courier is not in a position to unpack or hand over the package for unpacking, so if the package is undamaged, please take over the ordered products!

If there is no trace of external damage on the package, but the product is damaged or defective despite careful packaging, please indicate this at any of our contact details and we will arrange for compensation immediately.


Upon receipt of your order, we will agree with you on the delivery fees (if necessary) and the method of payment. You can choose bank transfer, cash and credit card payment upon receipt.