Instead of plastic and paper... sugar cane products

by Greenstic on Mar 23, 2021

Műanyag és papír helyett... cukornád termékek

The XXI. One of the defining problems of the 20th century is environmental protection and sustainability, which increasingly defines the lives of all of us. All the more so because last summer Hungary also voted on the plastic law , which bans many single-use plastic products and packaging materials, including nylon bags, from July 1, 2021.

However, it is not only because of legal regulations that it is important that as little plastic as possible is placed on the market. We can agree that our future is really at stake : we all need to drastically reduce our 'plastic consumption'. While we are looking for alternative raw materials , it is worth keeping quality in mind, as there can be big differences between a waste-free product and a waste-free product.

That is why we want to introduce you to the most environmentally friendly solutions and quality materials available. An example is sugar cane , which can not only be recycled and then composted at the end of its life cycle, but is also an extremely fast-growing raw material and production by-product. Products made from sugar cane are a good substitute for plastic plates, takeaway boxes , packaging materials, and even the use of paper, so ultimately without cutting down trees.

A salvageable by-product, a recovered resource

Native to subtropical-tropical climates such as Brazil, India and Thailand, sugar cane has been cultivated since ancient times, and its popularity has remained unbroken ever since. The global In 2020, it was estimated at 180 million tons, of which nearly 80% is produced from sugar cane, while only 20% from sugar beet. And this is where the story becomes really interesting, because making sugar does not require the full use of the 2-5 meter cane stalks.

The basis of the sugar production process is the extraction of juice, after which the crushed sugar cane is often used as fuel or becomes waste, although the mass produced as a by-product can be reused. Perfectly suitable for making degradable boxes, plates and cutlery, for example. Up to 50 plates can be made from one strand of sugar cane, and considering the world's sugar consumption, there is plenty of raw material available - or, if you prefer, a salvageable by-product.

Since sugarcane is a very fast-growing, renewable raw material that would be used anyway, the processing of broken stalks promotes the circular economy. In addition, it can become a product that would otherwise be made of paper. This also means that fewer trees need to be cut down and we recover waste that would otherwise be incinerated or sent to landfills.

It can be recycled and composted - from here to the hospitality industry

In addition to their many positive environmental effects, sugarcane products also perform very well in terms of quality. They are light, durable and withstand temperature changes well: they can be used both in the microwave and in the freezer. The takeaway boxes made of cane sugar can store both hot and cold food properly, and the natural, breathable material helps keep the food fresh.

Recycling the products is not a problem either. After use, after cleaning and grinding, companies specializing in this can recreate the mass from which new products can be made. A plate, for example, can be reborn in this way 2-3 times a year. At the end of their life cycle, nutrients can be returned to nature with the help of industrial composting.

Recyclable and degradable packaging material is more important than ever today, in the "golden age" of takeout and home delivery, but it must remain a part of our lives even after the end of the coronavirus. Whether it's holiday spots or festivals, the time of plastic is over.

That is why we are especially proud that more and more festival organizers decide that Greenstic boxes and plates will be available to festival goers at their next event. If you are also thinking about how your business could be even more sustainable, then the introduction of products made from sugar cane could be the ideal next step.

However, it is not only in hospitality that it is important to say goodbye to plastic and find sustainable, high-quality raw materials instead. The multifaceted usability of sugarcane is shown by the fact that in 2018, LEGO also started development with bio-based plastic.

Quality sugar cane products

Looking for sugarcane-based products, we came across the products of Eco-Products Europe , which we found to be the best possible on the market today in terms of quality and environmental awareness. The American-based company works with quality raw materials, and thanks to its European warehouse, it tries to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. In addition to their 100% sugar cane products, they also work with other sustainable raw materials, and as the exclusive Hungarian partner of Eco-Products, we also believe that they are on the right track on the road to zero waste, which is why we deliver from them.

If you are interested in which sugarcane products can make your business greener, take a look around our online store !