Kriszta Buza - Selection

by Greenstic on Jul 22, 2022

Buza Kriszta - Selection
Kriszta brought us her personal favorites selected for Kitchy Design, which all have almost the same characteristics: high quality, premium design, uncompromising functionality, Red Dot Design award. These products can now also be found in the Greenstic range.

1. Wasara compote
I think this is one of the most beautifully designed gastro products I have ever seen. Kitchy Design's first bowl, the love child, for which I had to go all the way to Japan... But it was worth it, because it's a wonderful piece. There is no food that does not look fantastic in it.
2. Wasara maru
Hit the spot. It also works perfectly and comfortably when held in the hand at a wedding, fine dining dinner, in a restaurant setting or at a festival. It's like holding a porcelain plate in your hand. It's not by chance that so many people use it.
3 Amazonia
In 2019, we met him for the first time at an exhibition in Frankfurt, tucked away on a shelf among the thousands of exhibitors. We spotted it right away and there was no question that it was our place. BERNADOTTE & KYLBERG's excellent design, flawless quality. Maybe because one of the members of the design duo is the Swedish royal prince himself? Who knows, in any case, it has become a favorite of many.
(Food: chef János Mizsei, MAK, Photo: Pixeltaster, BBC Good Food Magazine)
4. Cookplay
I'm a big cookplay fan, so I was extremely happy that in addition to the beautiful porcelain products, they also came up with the degradable line. The EKO Nest is my favorite because of its unique design and simplicity. I have not come across anything similar in the range of any premium brand.
5. SIER Fine Dine Palm
The asymmetric new generation of palm leaf collections. The work of Scandinavian designer Mieke Cuppen and the execution of SIER. This is why they say that "beauty lies in simplicity".
A coffee cup made from coffee husk waste from Australia, which works in a global color swap system. Their goal is to use glasses to reduce the amount of disposable glasses. Not only the design, but also the concept is brilliant.
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