Sustainable confectionery - Sug'art by Juhos Joci

by Greenstic on Oct 20, 2022

Fenntartható cukrászat - Sug'art by Juhos Joci
An old shared dream of Joci Juhos and his wife came true, they opened their own patisserie in Leányvár, where the quality dessert experience and environmental awareness go hand in hand.


What drives you? Newer and bigger challenges or something
self realization? After all, you have achieved and tried almost everything that is possible in this profession, from managing big-name pastry shops to appearing on TV. A country knows, recognizes and loves. What was the main motivation for you to open a small, family pastry shop?

JJ: Self-actualization. The pastry shop was created thanks to a sudden situation that had to be solved, but it was also the realization of an old dream.
We enjoy every minute, even the hard ones, the greatest joy is when guests return satisfied and tell us how much they liked the cakes. It is a great pleasure to see the faces when they taste with satisfaction, we love it when a group of several people come and taste the cakes together. That's why it's a pleasure to make them.

What does Leányvár have to do with it? Why was this the new center?

JJ: I grew up here, spent my childhood years here. I have always been strongly attached to Leányvár and this form of homecoming feels good.

How do you think this confectionery will be different, what will make it more interesting and special than what we have seen from you so far? Will there be a signature dessert?

JJ: It's different, because here we make the decisions together with my wife, our ideas are realized, so here we are a little bit involved in each and every cake. We talk a lot about new ideas, what we would like to see on the counter, what we think the guests would like to eat. Of course, there is and will be a signature dessert!

How do you plan to make the pastry shop and your events sustainable?

JJ: We consider environmental awareness to be important, we also pay attention to this in everyday life, which is why it cannot be any different for us in the patisserie or at events. It was clear that we would choose degradable or recyclable devices. As much as we can, we try to make sure that we buy from local or Hungarian producers. In one of our desserts, for example, we take the raw materials from Panyola, thanks to this dessert
also its name, as it is well-known for its plums.

How much does the serving itself contribute to the gastro-experience caused by a dessert
to maximize?

JJ: I think it is very important what, how and what or what we serve. The dessert, the taste experience, is unquestionably the most important, but first we "taste" it with our eyes, so the serving can complement and complete the overall picture, but unfortunately it can spoil the first impression in the same way.

On what basis do you choose storage devices (not serving devices?) and why did you choose them. Which one is your favorite?

JJ: I really like the Huskee cup, we often go to work together!:)
I always try to match the serving tools to the dessert, but of course I choose differently when it comes to a gala dinner and completely different when it comes to the pastry shop.
In the pastry shop, when we chose the tools, it was important that they were in harmony with each other, yet they could be used well, on what or in what it points to or goes into.
If we are talking about degradable equipment and events, it is also important that the cakes and toppings look good in them and that they are easy to handle for the guest.
At events, we like to use flying devices, mini bowls, I like to serve layered creams in clear devices so that the guest can see what is in the glass.

Do we see that a lot of emphasis was placed on the promotion of quality coffee consumption? How does this manifest itself now in the new place?

JJ: We like someone with passion and expertise in what they do. I think that Sanyi Tóth, the owner of the coffee house in Szekszárd and a coffee expert, is one of the best examples of this. We simply really like what it represents, it has fantastic coffees, there was no question that we would like to work with Bányai coffee, and our guests are also satisfied that it was a good choice.
So, of course, the coffee O/A cannot be missing from the counter, which could not be made with anything other than Bányai coffee.

Apart from the pastry shop, where and how can we meet you and the dessert
with poems?

JJ: I sometimes appear on TV, both me and my cakes at events, there is an event organizer and a catering company that we work with.
But I am happy to hold workshops, presentations and in the future I would also like to hold a course.

photo: Attila Boldog